• CELL PHONES ARE NOT TO BE USED DURING CLASSES. Please respect this policy.

  • All dancers should wear leggings or sweats to class. They will need to order tap, ballet or jazz shoes before their performance. Those in ballet classes need to wear tights, leotard and a ballet skirt or any other dance outfit.

  • Parents are welcome to stay and watch the last 15 minutes of the first class of each month ONLY.                                              

  • Mini Sweet Feet & Mini Feet parents may stay for the duration of their child’s class.

  • Classes are canceled when there is a holiday. Students may make up the missed or canceled class by attending any other age appropriate class at anytime at any site. Simply inform the instructor when you arrive that you are there for a make up class. 

  • No refunds are given. Missed classes should be made up by attending another class at any time.

  • Our insurance only covers our registered dancers. DO NOT drop off any child that is not a registered dancer. You WILL be called to pick them up.

  • A $20.00 late fee will be added to your account if fees are not paid by the 10th of the calendar month.